Are Epiphone Pro FX/Plus top w/ Floyd Rose desired.


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I have one that's great, but a heavy beast!
Would like to trade and get lighter Floyd rose equipped guitar.
Saw them on Reverb, but I would go to local shop,lose some buckage on a trade.
Any of ya'll think this is a viable guitar.


Not quite sure what you're asking, but yeah, the Epi world looks on the FX's pretty favorably. They're neat guitars for sure.


I had wanted a Les Paul with a Floyd for years and the PRO/FX filled the need/desire very well. It sounds like a Les Paul and the pickups sound great when in split coil mode. As an added bonus it stays in tune even though the most aggressive dive bombs and pull ups.As for weight that is why they make wide straps. My only knock on the guitar is the Epi slim taper neck that is borderline too thin for my hands. YMMV. XTTLDP


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I would think a Rush fan looking to get close to Alex's guitar would snap up something like this.

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the are a niche guitar for sure. I have the Gibson Trad Pro II Floyd, so I definitely appreciate a floyd on a LP, but most LP guys turn their nose up at it.
I agree with @Metalrulz that the thin taper neck was a tad on the small side for my taste, but it does kinda fit in with the typical "shredder" aesthetic.
I have no idea if they are particularly rare of valuable, finding the right buyer could be a problem.
I had one for awhile and really liked it. They are somewhat heavy, but really pretty typical weight for a Les Paul. Personally, I liked the neck. Those are well built, great playing guitars. Probably the weakest point is the neck pickup. It's pretty muddy. I actually liked the bridge pickup. You don't see many used ones, since they were only made for a short time. Not everyone will want a LP with a Floyd. But for those who do, it's the best low-cost solution. These are definitely good enough guitars to gig with. I would buy another one if it was priced right. I would think a clean example would easily fetch $350 or $400 with a case. I doubt you could get more than that, unless you had one that was NOS or heavily upgraded. At $300 or less, one of these would be a steal. For me, this was one of the better guitars that Epiphone has introduced in the last 15 years. Too bad it was short lived.


I realize this is an old thread but are you still looking to sell your Epiphone Pro FX/Plus top w/ Floyd Rose

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