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Are Mike Burn's the best gear demos out there?


Not by a long shot. As far as I'm concerned this guy is most likely the best I will see, and like a notch above most of others.

1) His playing is very tasteful and pleasant to listen to = adequate for reviewing gear, not wanking off in front of camera and doing technique exercise.
2) He is very consistent in his playing quality while covering a wider range of styles.
3) He doesn't talk for minutes and minutes.
4) He does both solo and in the mix samples and they actually sound good. A lot of guys mike the amps and they still sound like crap.
5) Has a nice feel about how not to make videos boring after listening for a while = kudos to who ever is doing/planing/ the length of music snippets/doing video production.

To sum it up, what I like is that his demos look like a thought out process from beginning to the end.
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Sounds good but fails my "good demo" guidelines, I only have 2!

1) I don't want to know the spec. I can find it on the website, or if you have to, put it in the YouTube description, don't talk me through it.
2) I want a variety of tones, but mainly, if it's a signature guitar, please demo it in the style of that artist. The majority of people wanting that guitar will want to "sound like" that artist, so we'd like it in that context. Greg Kochs demos are amongst my favourite, but he's guilty o this, for example, with the DG-335 demo's, he just plays them clean and a little crunchy.

Usually, if theres more than 60 seconds of talking before a video I'll move onto something else.

And yup, Cyrils demos are incredible! I love this guy's as well:


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