Are the best strats the more expensive ones???


I had Am Strats in the $2,000-3,000 dollar range but the best one I have is a Squier Standard Strat that cost me $150 new. I had the tuners and the pickups changed. Total cost $400 and it's a dream Strat.


More expensive does not necessarily mean better. A player's likes and dislikes can be specific to them - what one person likes or values could be completely different from another player. In my own experiences, the one thing more expensive strats have given me is the ability to personalize the instrument to a much higher degree. My FCS strat has my all time favorite feeling neck of all time. In addition to the ability to personalize an instrument, the fit, finish and hardware on the more expensive strats have been of a higher quality (in my experience).

With that said not all of that is going to matter to everyone so answers will vary from player to player as to what is best.



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Old guy reporting in.
I play a 64 and a 61. Had them for decades. Also have owned everything from custom shop to partcasters.
The old ones are better.
I have read from hoagy and some others whose opinion I esteem, who believe that for some reason(s), 61's are the grail. How does yours compare to your 64?

M.C. Frescher

I've played cheap squires, and top of the line custom models. For me, my 2002 Highway 1 which would probably be considered "middle of the road" still does it for me and is the only strat model I'll ever need. It just feels right under my grip, like it was made for just me. That's when you know you've got a keeper.

El Rey

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You just gotta play them until you find the one that feels right. Can you tell the difference between a $300 mim and a $3K CS? Sure... but I have two great MIA strats that cost less than $1K.
I'm sure you are correct, and I'm sure they exist.....I simply ran out of patience playing countless new & used sub $1K and more guitars off of the racks of all the stores and pawn shops I got tired of going to....I finally said the hell with it and begrudgingly ponied up the $$ for what suited me.

Price doesn't determine whether it's going to be a good or bad guitar. Buy the guitar you like.
Yup...that's my experience. But of these days dumb luck will shine on me long enough to find that pawn shop, yard sale or craigslist treasure that blows away everything else I own.

.....I quit holding my breath.


No. They are all subjective to each individual. I wouldn’t trade my parts caster for a high dollar custom shop. Cost me under $1k with a professional set up.


To a large extent what sets apart a great guitar from a good guitar isn't the price tag, the name on the headstock, or even the components, it is the care that is taken in finishing the frets and setting the action. You don't need to spend $3000+ to have a great guitar. As often happens though, more expensive guitars get that extra attention that makes them great more so than cheap guitars. You can bet that Tom Anderson and John Suhr take a lot more time making sure necks necks and setups are perfect before leaving the factory than the factory worker in Fender's Mexican plant.

ellis dee

Buy a Squier and throw it in the trash can when you're done with it. You'll still lose way less money than you would when selling premium guitar on the used market.[/QUOTE

why toss it in the trash when you can toss it in the fire pit?

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