Are the effects in an Ibanez pt3dx pedalboard equivalent to specific ibanez effects pedals?

I have an Ibanez pt3dx multi-effects board and I was curious as to whether anyone knows which tubescreamer chip it contains and whether the compressor (3-knob ross type) is the same as the circuitry in a cs10. Any info on any of the other effects or what years this board was produced would also be helpful. Its made in japan and I purchased it used circa 1995 or so.


The PT3-DX is a multi effect with several different distortion/overdrive modes, so it probably (from an electronics standpoint) has very little in common with the standalone tube screamer. It also only has two control parameters, with the 3-band EQ taking the place of the tone control. It might be set to sound similar to the TS, though, which of course is the most important. But I wouldn't fuss over whether it is a "true" tube screamer or not.

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