Are y'all hip to Southern Culture on the Skids?


Oh yeah!!
They played my friends’ wedding !
Saw them last year, too. They are on tour now...

I saw them as soon as I moved to Texas in 2000. For the last 5-6 years they book an entire SCOTS week at Continental Cub in Austin during the The Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up. Such a blast!


Daddy was a Preacher was the breakthrough song for me. Fun, great tune, fantastic imagery. That song got me into them, which led to others like Horton Heat and Robbie Fulks.


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Saw them on Good Morning America DECADES ago. It was the same time I started playing guitar and Dirt Track Date was a guitar tone and chops bible for me. I'm actually wearing their shirt in my avatar...

Finally got to see them last November. Caught them here in my town and two days later in Portland. Got to talk with them all for a while before the first show and they were so great. They ended up with my band's T-shirt and a couple Cds...they had my drummer and I up to say the intro to Camel Walk....great night.

Easily one of the best bands evar.....!! :)


A buddy of mine is a fan and got me into them about 10 years ago. I've got the cd with Dirt Track Date on it, and I listen to it pretty often. It's fun stuff.


They used to serve fried chicken on stage during a song titled 8 Pice Box.
I drove the van, schleped cases, and sold merch for them on a couple tours almost 20 years ago. The contract said “No chicken, no show”.

There was one show in Burlington VT where the club either didn’t read that clause or thought it was a joke and there was no chicken ready to go. A flunky from the club had to be sent out to get some but it was an off night and the only restaurant that sold fried chicken in Burlington had closed for the night. The guy had to go buy frozen Banquet chicken at the grocery and heat it up in a small oven at the club. IIRC they had to move 8 Piece Box to even later in the set because that chicken took so long to heat up. When it made it to the stage it was just out of the oven and finger/mouth burning hot which amused me to no end, bored roadie. :D

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I was not familiar with SCOTS at all, when a good friend and his son had an extra ticket to see them here at the historic Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville. We sat first row balcony. This was when Dirt Track Date has just been released. It was GREAT! One of the girls on stage during 8 Piece Box must have been a softball player, because I caught the chicken leg she threw all the way into the balcony! Just an all-around fun time at their shows!

After the show, they were breaking down their own gear. We went down and talked to them, and they are just normal folks. Rick was playing 2 reissue LP Juniors, and they sounded great. Of course we were talking gear, and I asked him if he wanted to buy a "real Junior." Not expecting him to take me seriously, he said "What do you have?" Just like that I met them at the exit on I-75 close to our house the next morning, as they were driving to Kentucky, and he bought it right there. Their next show here, at the beautiful Tennessee Theater, he played it on the first 14 songs, making me feel like a proud Poppa! He made that '58 Junior sound GOOD!


heard the name back in the 90's but never heard their music until 2-3 years them!rick IS an awesome player.tone to die for.


I saw them once in the late 90's. Rockin' good show and a lot of fun. I think Rick is a great guitar player.

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