Are you a "one guitar does it all" or a "different guitars for different things" kind of guy?

Are you a "one guitar does it all" or a "different guitars for different things" kind of guy?

  • One guitar does it all

    Votes: 81 38.8%
  • Different guitars for different things

    Votes: 128 61.2%

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I wish 1 Guitar did it all.. 3 different LP's, 2 Teles with different pickups, a Strat and a Gretsch hollow body.. they do it all


Just my take is that one guitar does it all, especially in our band setting where I don't have to (nor could I) imitate the exact sound of specific guitarists, even though we play covers only. And honestly, in most cases to my ears, almost any guitar will do it. Now that doesn't mean that I don't own multiple guitars...I'm on TGP, so of course I do, but I only bring one to a gig, possibly two, but that second one is a backup. I bring what I feel like playing that day, whether S-style, T-style, LP-ish, something with a Piezo, I rotate them around. We play multi-genre styles, and for where we play for whom we play, close to the sound is close enough. If our audience can recognize the tune, they don't care if I'm playing a Tele, Strat, PRS, or other guitar-du-jour. But I like more than one, so while one can do it all, I'm lucky to have more to choose from.


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I have lots of different guitars of different flavors, but in reality I could get by with one electric and one acoustic. I play in a praise/worship band, and on any given Sunday we will cover everything from traditional hymns, to syrupy ballads, to rock, and I use just one guitar... whatever I happen to bring that day whether it is a tele, strat, 335, p-90... any good guitar can cover just about anything.


I have four Les Pauls and two Flying Vs. Each gives me little variations on the sound I've developed,
except for one of the Les Pauls which I use for slide playing.


Different for different. I can't love any one thing enough to not want variety. Cars, women, watches, shoes, guitars....

Maybe there should be a correlating question: what kind/s of music do you like/play? If anyone has only one answer, maybe a one guitar solution makes sense. But I like everything except country.....


Definitely different tools for different jobs. I feel like that comes from diversity in taste/style. I try not to have two of the same model, or if I do, have them look different or be used for different things.
That being said, I always admire players who keep it simple.

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