Are You What You Imagined?


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If you're over 40, did you end up like what your teen self who started playing guitar thought you'd be like?

Do you play the type of music and use the type of gear that you thought you would?


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I don't play the technical things I thought I would - i.e., I am no EVH guitar gymnast - I have become the solid musician I hoped I would.

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I've been playing since the mid-60s, and my musical genre tastes, folk and acoustic blues, haven't changed at all. However, I didn't expect to become interested in playing, or the workings of electric guitars, or in playing lap steel.


If you're over 40, did you end up like what your teen self who started playing guitar thought you'd be like?

Do you play the type of music and use the type of gear that you thought you would?
Well, I didn't end up sounding like a combination of EVH/Holdsworth/Lifeson.
So, I've got that goin' for me.

Yes, I'm still playing Strats and superstrats with varying amounts of gain, just like I loved back then


No, I thought I'd be lighting up the fretboard like the Shrapnel guys, either instrumentally, or in the context of the hair metal that I love.
Instead, I play more 70s type rock with a slight blues influence, and solo as melodically as I can

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I'm not over 40 but the stuff I'm playing now my ear was incapable of hearing when I started, not that it's particularly good or anything. I also was not interested in slide guitar whatsoever, and was in fact turned off by the power blues rock version of it my narrow exposure offered me. Now I practice it daily.


um, no on both counts

when I was younger I felt I wanted to reach others with my music and lyrics

I realized later that the music I make for for me. If someone else likes it too, that's cool.

I listened to what the masses were/are buying and what was being broadcast and decided the masses didn't deserve me sweating to deliver the formula that was being fed into their ears; a formula I didn't want to subscribe to making, either. :Devil I witnessed my brother touring endlessly for years and there was no way I could cope with that, it probably would have killed me. I didn't realize how much of an introvert I am until my mid 30s.

My life is enriched by music, whether creating it myself or listening to someone else's. That might sound pretentious and selfish, yet thinking that way removed, for me, that monkey on the back of regret that many of my peers have expressed over the years. They "just wanted to get signed"; write the one hit song. That luck would have come with a double-edged sword for me; I just don't get along with others well enough

Be proud and enjoy music; no regrets:)

My brother said something to me a few years ago that really hit home: "when I developed my ambition of making a living by being a musician; I should have told myself I wanted to become rich from being a musician". A minute distinction which is the difference between having freedom or a lifestyle business.


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No, I wanted to just play fast back then.

Now, playing fast, other than short bursts, has no appeal. I did keep my love for a variety of musical styles, however. I was raised listening to just about everything, including classical, opera, and what could be found on radio stations.

I would add, I never imagined picking up other instruments, but love playing bass, can comp on a mandolin pretty well, and have been messing around with lap steel. If I had another lifetime, I'd probably start in on cello and keys.
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I never really thought that far ahead.
It was a journey with new twists and discoveries along the way.
Some interests faded,others branched out into new directions.
Tastes changed,genres differed.

Now my hands hardly let me play at all,enjoy what you do while you can.
Seriously though... No

First starting out I loved metal, and all things remotely fast and heavy.

Now days I listen to Jazz, Folk and Indie music. I play clean most of the time and speed is the last thing on my mind.


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I generously ended up letting Eddie take over my role, and he did it really well....except for the bad parts.
A lot of the music I dig now either hadn't happened yet or I didn't know about when I was a teenager. I can also play a lot of stuff I didn't know about then.

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