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Aria Pro II - Fan Club


I have an Aria Pro II Integra bass. Got it around 1990 or so. Was my first instrument. Put in some active EMG's. Still play it!


Liked them a lot back in the day; still dig them. Meaning the MIJ ones. The 1st guitar I bought was a hardtail RS Wildcat. Got another just like it a few years ago. Kept both stock; good pickups!


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This is a funny thread. Aria Pro II. :facepalm

I have a complicated relationship with the ol Aria Pro. My first guitar was a Vantage, which was Matsumoku made, and an amazing, *amazing* axe. I really couldn't have asked for a better guitar to learn on. Seriously. Although I will add the caveat that whomever owned it before me hotrodded it a bit. So I do love me some Uncle Matty's.

Before I got my first guitar, maybe two years prior? My brother got a guitar for Christmas. An Aria Pro II. MIK Strat knockoff. Uuggghhh. This was possibly the worst guitar I could've asked to learn on. It was terrible. Felt terrible. Sounded terrible. Looked..... well, like a Black Strat with a white pg. This guitar ruined Strats for me. For a really, really long time. If you asked me just four years ago what I thought about Stratocasters, I'd would've told you that I *hated* them. It required a deep love of Big Star to bring me around to the sound of a Strat..... and I still have my hangups. It's like the guitar version of PTSD.

So...... yeah. I like MIJ stuff. The Aria Pro Cardinals and Thor Sounds (is that what they were called? They were neckthru or looked like they were in the cases that didn't actually have the neckthru?). I dig the Zebras on the OP. But for whatever psychological damage that was dealt to me by that POS Strat copy, I just can't bring myself within 15 feet of an Aria Pro any more. It's a shame.


There is one for sale here, same headstock and bridge/tail piece.
What is the neck like ? Rounded C or more modern slim 60's like ?

The Aria PE that I have has a pretty thick neck. It is rounded but almost like a softer C it is hard to compare these necks with any Les Paul that I have ever played. They are their own thing.

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