Aria Warp Driver

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  1. fani_gallagher

    fani_gallagher Member

    Apr 20, 2013
    Are there anyone here have or ever tried
    Aria Warp Driver Made in Japan
    The Pedal Looks Like This :
    My Friends offer me 40$ for this pedal.
    Is it worth it or not
  2. ERGExplorer

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    Jul 11, 2010
    It's one of those pedals which gets sold under different brand names. I believe the
    Warp Driver originates with Eleca China.

    Here's the page from EffectsDataBase with the different names under which that pedal has been sold.

    You can find the Eleca Warp Driver as NOS (New Old Stock, meaning it is old stock, but never sold, so it hasn't been used) on eBay for $35. $40 means you're a little ahead of the game.

    If it was me thinking about this...

    If the Warp Driver didn't really feel unique or versatile compared to other overdrives, and if I had fairly easy ability to buy gear, I'd sell the Warp Driver and upgrade.

    I've also been in situations where I just used the gear I had, because it was hard to find replacements. In that case, I'd probably still sell, but I'd be scouting to see what I wanted to go with first. You didn't list your location, so I don't have any idea of where you are. I also don't know what kind of gear you already have.

    If gear and money were scarce, but I had a place and funds to buy one, I'd be selling this and getting the Zoom G1xon... if I could get it at the normal US price of $70 or even lower.

    Sorry if that was more advice than you were looking for!
  3. fani_gallagher

    fani_gallagher Member

    Apr 20, 2013
    Thnks for the reply

    I come from Indonesia

    The Gear I Already Have are:
    - Boss PS6
    - ERV Sanana Drive (Boss OD1 Japan Clone)
    - ERV Tyco Drive (Pro co Rat clone with multiple Clipping mode)
    - JSC Classy 30's (ROG English Channel Clone)
    - ERV Tremodeler (Magnus Modulus clone)
    - Gfisys Wavelogic MK1
    - Boss PH1r
    - Zoom MS70CDR.

    I'm Looking a solid distortion for Rock music with enough tight in the low end but not fuzzy.

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