arion chorus'?


I've tried quite a few choruses. Many are good and offer unique features (multiple channels, for example). But I haven't found another chorus to match the thick character of the Arion SCH-1. Cheap, simple, with a unique, sultry tonal character. Need true by-pass? Have Analog Man or another guru mod it, or plug it into a true by-pass strip/box.
Sorry to wake an old thread!

Just A/B'd a SCH-Z and a SCH-1. Very similar in overall sound. The 1 had a more natural top-end, and greater speed range. I found the high-cut knob to be more useful than a bass boost knob that the Z has. The 1 also has a lot less clock noise than the Z.

Very similar though. If it weren't for the SCH-Z noise (perhaps due to 1-Spot), I may not have felt too much difference. On balance, the SCH-1 is better...however, if you need a pedal with that ARION sound for your studio, and don't have clock noise issues, the Z is verrrry solid.

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