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Around the world in a teadaze...I love having vacation

Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by Rid, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Rid

    Rid Senior Member

    Sep 10, 2004
    Wintervacation is cool by me, have all the kids at home, cleaning out my home.
    Playing some guitar, buying old pedals.....restoring some old guitars...
    Fooling around with other stuff.....and had a final go at this Shpongle tune....which I love, but it was hard to come up with something for it.....I switched off the mind and made one long first take.....used my mongrel HW-1 strat with an old Tokai mapleneck, CS69 singles.
    It is close to 10 min long, and well.....it is different
  2. Woodyworld

    Woodyworld Member

    May 16, 2005
    Another great take. love these takes real fresh on the ear.

    Really nice Rid.
  3. Lucidology

    Lucidology Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    Monterey, CA
    Always creative Rid ... Always look forward to what you're going to come up with next by the way ..

    Where do you find these great vibey grooves to play over ..
    Gotta get it together this year at some point where I can join in with you on some of these ...
    You're having way too much fun my friend ... :)

    Are you using all Carl Martin effects on these takes ...?
  4. Rid

    Rid Senior Member

    Sep 10, 2004
    Thanks a bunch guys, glad that you enjoy my little outtakes:)
    Sometimes I wished I still had contact with my old keyboardplayer...then we could make some org stuff instead:D
    But this is enough fun as it is!
    Hmm that sounds cool Joseph.
    On this one I used my old Ibanez CP-835 comp, an AMT Dist-Station, an old Boss BF-2 flanger used as chorus, a CM Echotone delay(one of the benefits of working here, mine is bluegreen with creme knobs)a CM Classic Chorus in the loop of the Echotone, which is providing the modulation on the repeats.
    All controlled by a CM Combinator2....
    A Contour and Boost is used for the clean tones as well.
    Then it all enters a Pre-amp parametric eq into my modded Marshall DRP-1, then directly into the soundcard.
    That is more or less my homerig these days.....will get another amp later on for homestuff....missing having a real tubeamp here!!
  5. Londoncalling

    Londoncalling Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Awesome stuff. The backing is way cool, and I really like the guitar, in fact I'd even like to hear even MORE of the guitar in the track!
  6. journo

    journo Member

    Mar 10, 2004
    Hi Niels,

    You always sound good but this track makes me seriously consider making you a cash offer for your recording rig and hope a smidge of your talent comes with it.

    I especially liked the clean chord sounds in the middle.
    Would you mind sharing the settings for the eq, Contour'NBoost and the RP-1?
    I'm sure it would be most educational.


    Mats N
  7. Rid

    Rid Senior Member

    Sep 10, 2004
    Hehe well ok Mats;)
    The EQ is set with the frequencies flat, then level is about 1, middle down on 9:30, treble alittle over 12.
    On the contour, I have the lowpass gain at alittle before 11, and the lowpass is at almost full, alittle over 4, the highpass is 12(flat) and the gain at 11.
    The DRP-1 is as such, preampgain at 2, master volume fully engaged, bass full, middle between 1 and 2, treble a hair from full, linelevel alittle over 2.
    Mine has a bad preamp pot, so do not take it for facevalue, experiment alittle with that one, just make sure it stays clean and as loud as possible.
    This thing has way too much agressive mids, but like this it became somewhat more tamed and useful, but I still think it is far away from my tubeamps, but I have also used it enough to know it inside out now, eventhough it is a simple setup, it really first became useful with the extra eq's.
    Right now I used my old Ibanez comp, but that is just a thing I change now and then, sometimes I use an optical comp, other times our regular comp, right now the Ibanez just holds the place, as I wanted something that really coloured my sound alot:D
    It is based upon the old MXR and Ross ones, and it quite good for driven sounds, as it has the fatness and warmth I also like, I use our own for more real compressor stuff, when I want it more natural.
  8. yZe

    yZe Senior Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Tampa, on the Territory of Florida (D.C. Free Zone
    Man, you're playing over it like you wrote the tune

    Nice dreamy chorus effect

    Lotsa fun listenin

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