ART Voice Channel with Inserted Tube Compressor?


I have an ART Voice Channel that I've been enjoying for a while. There aren't many reviews, positive or negative, on it; the difference between this channel strip and something better seems to be thousands of dollars.

I have the opportunity to buy a $500 LA2A clone (not Klark), and I was thinking of inserting it between the pre-Amp and compressor section of the Voice Channel. The reason is because I've read and seen lots of videos that recommend a slow attack compressor into a fast attack compressor (LA2A into 1176), and this seems to be an affordable way to get it done in a garage studio.
I'm mostly interested in getting vocals to sit well in a mix.

I don't know if this idea is overkill. Even though I've been doing the solo home studio thing for a while, I still feel like noob. Am I on to a stupid idea?

Please respond only if you have familiarity with the Voice Channel, or if you have experience inserting a compressor in this way.

My Gear
2020 iMac (Reaper, FabFilter Mastering Bundle), Roswell K47 mic, ART Voice Channel, PreSonus Studio 6|8, Adam Audio T7V.


I sort of do what you want to do. mic into preamp, preamp to a Warm Audio LA2 clone, Pultec Clone then 1176 Clone. I like the results and I can switch up the order of the warm audio stuff.


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there's nothing wrong with that. if the channel has an insert then that's what it's designed for.

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