Sold Artinger Semi-Hollow - $2500 - End 2016 With a Killer Guitar!


Crazy Santa Holiday Sale! This 2005 Matt Artinger Semi-Hollow is absolutely stunning - bound f-hole, bound pickguard and pickup rings, ebony bridge. Built-in dunlop straplocks. Top of the line. It sounds as good as it looks as well. 25" scale, 1 11/16" nut width, neck is thin, but I don't have measurements. I'm guessing around 0.800" at the nut? Maybe a touch narrower, it's hard to tell by feel but that's in the ballpark.

High-E tuning peg has been replaced, but it's not noticeable at all. Other than that the guitar is in excellent condition - there is a small ding in the finish below the volume knob. It's about 2mm long, see picture below. There are several very small circular finish dings in between the pickups, which I didn't notice for almost a year - you have to look at it in perfect light to see them. I don't have a good pic, but similar to the one by the volume knob. Let me know and I can try to get some good pictures - they're very subtle. Perfect setup, frets are in great shape and super smooth.

Includes original snakeskin case, but I do not have the keys and one of the locks is really sticky, it takes some wiggling to get that open.

The only trade I'm interested in is a Suhr Archtop Standard, HH with 1.687 nut width - that's been my dream guitar for a long time and it's time to make it happen.

Okay, one more price drop. This is the bottom line- I want to net $2500. PPG + Shipping, but I get a huge discount with UPS via my work, so it'll only be about $30. You won't find a more beautiful guitar for the money.

NOTE: my office is closed until after the new year, so if I need to ship earlier I can do that but it will be standard UPS rate.

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