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Artists Rights Info


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Several active threads where artist/content creator/copyright owner rights are under discussion...I've been reading many of the links posted by others and found my way here:


Interesting information IMO for anyone interested in this topic.

My summary of all this:

Clearly people are making money from digital content; however, the use of this digital content is NOT making money for the creator/copyright owner most of the time (if at all).

Follow the money.
this is happening, right now...

Make History with David Byrne, Patrick Stewart, and 7000 Other Music Lovers

www.IRespectMusic.org #IRespectMusic

"We artists and musicians have the right to expect from our profession what others expect from their professions. That through hard work and determination, perspiration and inspiration, we'll have the same fair shot to realize our dreams, answer our callings, support our families. I respect my profession. I respect artists. I respect music."

—Blake Morgan, Recording artist, producer, label owner
(The Huffington Post, December 18th, 2013)


david torn / splattercell
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yes: if you want some insight, in this case:
always follow the money.

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