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Asking for a friend. Metallica jump the shark?

Did Metallica jump the shark.

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IMO, they jumped when the "Some Kind Of Monster" doc came out. Hardcore fans would argue it was the Black Album though or when Cliff died. Lets not mention Lou Reed and Hetfield singing "I am the table". The only redeeming thing in recent years is Robert Trujillo locating Jaco's Bass of Doom.



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They've done the legendary stuff.

They've earned the right to kick back, and do what they want.
It's interesting to me. I look at a band like Metallica and I do agree with you. I understand why a successful artist would want to explore their art. No one ever became great playing it safe. Then I look at a band like Iron Maiden. They know what they are and what they do and they just keep doing it like a freight train.


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Look at Rob trying to distance himself for the others…….. subconscious or maybe conscious?
Either way, I have love for them all! Those dudes don’t need to prove anything to me and she is an interesting person! My only complaint is that half the songs on that tribute are of Nothing Else Matters?!?!?! I mean really, 30 very different artists and half of them go for the same one…. Lazy with dollars signs in someone’s eyes!


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Ride the Lightening comes out and some "fans" say..."They sold out with "Fade to Black"
Master of Puppets comes out and some "fans" say..."They sold out with "Sanitarium"
Justice comes out and some "fans" say..."They sold out with "One" and having a video"
The Black Album comes out and some "fans" say..."They sold out with "Nothing Else Matters" and shorter songs"

Blah blah blah....


Haters gonna hate.


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Watched this the other day. I'm not sure anyone other than Hetfield should even attempt to sing this, Miley would be on my short list. Seemed like one take that got off to a slow start.

I loved it. I can see hard core Metallica fans not digging it.



They do stuff they're into and that one wouldn't expect on the basis of their early days, whether it's play with Lady Gaga, Lou Reed, Miley Cyrus, or an orchestra. I'm for that, whether I like the results or not.

Hardwired is a good album, IMO. Their first 3-5 albums are a tough act to follow, but I think time will be mostly kind to their catalog, even with some of their more questionable choices.


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It is somewhere in the late 90's early 2000's, when they did that Mission Impossible song, the napster lawsuit, etc etc. I saw them on the Death Magnetic tour, which is over 10 years ago, and they were a nostalgia act at that point. They still put on big concerts, entertain a lot of people, but their time has passed.

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