Sold Atomic Monoblock MB-50 Tube Poweramp



I've convinced the band to go full FRFR for our stage volume setup and will only be using our cabs as dummy "scrims" (they have our band name) so I'm selling my poweramps.

I have an excellent Atomic Reactor Monoblock MB-50, 50W Tube Poweramp (2 6L6's) for sale. This unit is mint. I bought it a couple of months back from a person on the Axe forums and it's worked great.
$OLD on Reverb

Also have a Monoprice 300-Watt (150w RMS x 2) Studio Audio Amplifier I used for a bit. It's not as powerful as the Atomic but it can get the job done especially in bridged mode. I will include a Speakon to 1/4" cable that's already set up in Bridged mode.

I will consider trades towards an Atomic Amplifire (small red one) or a CLR. Obviously I would contribute cash on my side.

Please PM any questions or offers. Thanks!

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