Attenuator: Alex vs Swart Night Light

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by dhodgeh, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. dhodgeh

    dhodgeh Silver Supporting Member

    Dec 6, 2005
    I've got the Alex, which works great for my stable of Deluxe's.

    I only wish it were somewhat smaller.

    Hence the interest in the Swart Night Light.

    Has anybody used both and can comment on how the Swart compares to the Alex (or Scumback as it is now)?


  2. lang.murphy

    lang.murphy Member

    Dec 9, 2009
    Lawrenceville, GA
    Never had an Alex or a Scumback... had a Weber (thumbs down) and an Aracom (thumbs WAY up.) But the Aracom was expensive. Tried a Swart Night Light with my Swart STR and, honestly, sold it not long after receiving it. I love Swart amps; I think they are unique and are all outstanding products. I simply found the NL too limited in its features when compared to the Aracom, despite the large diff in price. Like many attenuators, if you're just looking to knock off some db's, the NL can be a very good choice. If you're looking for bedroom attenuation, the NL? Not so much.

    Others may disagree... this is simply one man's opinion...
  3. DuncanNZ

    DuncanNZ Member

    Nov 29, 2010
    Wellington, New Zealand
    I hv a Swart NL. Honestly, I'd pass. For me the attenuation is either very very slight, or very very much. Not helpful. I did correspond with them and they helpfully advised some resistor values to change to get closer to what I wanted. I haven't tried

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