Audio + Video Production - capturing something live - Basics Overview Video


My video here just touches the surface. However, I've seen enough posts of "what do I need to record demos of gear, live performances, rehearsal, etc" to think this might have some value to someone.

I also wanted to keep this "intro" video short.

Here is the video I show a clip of the edit process: (but there are tons more on Derek's channel)

Also, I used Adobe Premiere Pro in the video, however I recommend Cyberlink Power Director for a very cost effective alternative.

Virtually all of these videos I capture the lessons at night, edit the audio and video and post it on the internet the next day (in between working a different full time job). So all of this takes some time, but this is not extensive editing obsessing over details. It is about capturing a moment in very good quality so it is worth listening to and watching.

Questions welcome, and I'll try to answer as time allows.

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