Sold Ax8 ($1600) shipped and paypal'd


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I received my brand new Ax8 from Fractal Audio about a week ago. Just got a chance to try it at home this weekend. It is not what I am looking for. I need to return it before my trial period runs out. I am willing to pass this on to a TGPer who is far down in the wait list. I just want to recover my costs for the unit, shipping from Fractal, shipping (insured) to a TGP member, and the PayPal fee that will be incurred.

So I am pricing the Axe8 as low as I can. I need to sell quickly as I do not want to go beyond my trial period.

I can take pictures tonight and email to anyone who is interested.

Axe8 for $1600.00 shipped and PayPal'd (conus).

Thanks, Carl

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