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Axe Fx 2 : how good is the spring reverb simulation ?

marmelade sky

Does it get a convincing boingy, drippy sound from a typical spring reverb ?

Could it replace pedals which are good at emulating spring reverb , such as Malekko Spring Chicken , BOSS FRV-1 '63 Fender Reverb , Wet Reverb ?

Scott Peterson

TGP Co-Founder and Administrator
Staff member
It was a major focus of a prior firmware and Cliff spent a lot of attention and time to get it right.

I really like it; but I'm not a big reverb guy.

I love to put a spring reverb block in front of the Fender Twin amp model block and use the 'drive' in the reverb block to further drive the Fender amp block. Sounds incredible to me.


Once again, sounding "good" may fall into the hands of how good a tone tweaker someone is.
From my limited time using an Axe, I can say that the foundation is there for you to both get a great tone or horrible one. Its going to come down to the application needed and the settings used.


The spring reverb is so good I cant use it - just like I cant use a real spring reverb lol.

Just taste - Ive always prefered plate reverbs on guitars so ??


I think it's just as good as the real thing - WHEN you set it up right. I don't like drenched, surf-like reverb. But I also don't like a bone-dry sound either. I use it lightly to add a bit of ambiance and richness to the sound. Axe-Fx2 delivers wonderfully.

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