Axe-FX II - Clean to Medium Gain with Single Coils - VIDEOS

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    While its ridiculously evident that the Axe-Fx II excels at the high gain thing, after the v5 firmware update I was really interested to see how the clean and low to medium gain sounds worked, especially with single coils. As a result I've created this series of clips to test things out. Everything was done with a Suhr Classic featuring a swamp ash body, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, V60 LP pickups and the Suhr Silent Single Coil (SSC) system and I used a Suhr Shiba Drive in front of the Axe-FX II in the second clip. Hope you guys dig them!

    Axe-FX II - Shiva Clean

    Axe-FX - Shiva Clean + Suhr Shiba Drive pedal (in front of Axe-Fx II)

    Axe-FX - FAS Lead 1


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