Axe Fx II Firmware 5.04


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I just saw that version 5.04 has been posted.

What are the new features?


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Axe-Fx II Firmware Release Notes
Changed remote patch dump protocol so that presets are synchronized with Global blocks.
Fixed Global Patches so that corruption does not occur if parameters were added in a firmware upgrade.
Improved power tube saturation modeling. This results in a smoother tone when the virtual power amp is driven hard.
Added Air Freq parameter to Cabinet block. This allows adjusting the cutoff frequency of the mixed signal.
Fixed GUI stall on certain combinations of effects in a preset.
Disabled MIDI Thru and Adapter Mode during firmware updates.
Decreased damping on Delay block Input.
Added HF Resonance control back into Amp block. This control is similar to the previous control but only changes the slope of the resonance. The default value is consistent with the typical “semi-inductance” of a speaker voice-coil. Varying this value will change the high-frequency load presented to the virtual power tubes.

and...Added “CALI LEGGY” amp model based on a Carvin Legacy I!

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