Axe-FX V9/Red Wire Cabs/Entirely new approach

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    Here's the concept:

    Today here in the IR section, Mike from Red Wire was working with a few members there making 'metal' version of the IR's. How? He's adding EQ to the IR's. (*Well, he's actually scooping existing IR's by scooping mids out). Guys there are LOVING the results.

    With mixing your IR's in a DAW (Reaper files that Mike from Red Wire shared for free) I've been mixing and creating my own IR's. It's like a fun factory. You create the IR in real time with a direct recording (with the cab block in the Axe-FX turned off) by just listening and trying stuff on the fly. It's uber fun and cool. :D

    So drop some EQ or.... whatever across the master before you create the IR. Hadn't tried it. Here's my brainstorm - why stop at EQ? Aha!

    So I promptly mixed up my current fave formula in the DAW:

    0db Royer 121 Center Cap 2"
    -3db TAB-Funkewerk SM57 2" Off-Axis Cap Edge
    -6db Royer 121 Cone 4"
    -18db Back of Cab (Different mic's available, different distances.)

    So that really sounds great by itself. Now, the kicker here was that I have two UAD cards and a bunch of tools that I use when I mix or record for real (not just clips). I tried a bunch of different plugs, order of plugs and messed around and around till I found something that really made my toes curl.

    Across a send bus, mixed in at -10db or so, I set up a chain that was as so:

    UAD 1176LN -- UAD Neve31102

    Then I used some of the settings I prefer as go-to setups and lo and behold, it was good. Really good.

    So I redid my cabinet IR's; processed them with AlbertA's utility; then dropped them in the Axe-FX and redid my signal path's to one high resolution cabinet again.

    And damn, it sounds fine. Now I have to do some clips, because well, I have to. I don't want to get to far hyped up - I've gotten hyped up before I gave other things the acid test of trying them live first - but IMHO this is remarkable.

    Quick off the cuff clip.

    I need to acid test these for real, but in the room LOUD they sound really good for what I'm going for.

    EDIT: Lunchtime redo. Reworked the cabs, edited post above and new clip upload (same link).... back to work now....

    Fender Deluxe (Deluxe Blues Cab), then Marshall JCM800 (G12M Greenback cab).
    Melancon Custom Artist T direct to Axe-FX; Amp/Cab/Reverb signal chain; digital out to Reaper. Ripped to mp3. Posted here:

    Listen to the top end, bottom end and close your eyes and picture the tone; to me... pretty much what I want. Maybe some tweaks, but I'd like to test this live. We'll see how it sounds to me tomorrow. :D I might hate it and start over from scratch... we'll see.
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