Axe II FW10 patch with HBE AND ODS-100 Lead..!!!


I can haz virgins?
It seems like every time I turn around I find a new "favorite" tone from the Axe II with this new firmware. This patch originally got "killed" by my cat walking on my desk which created the "pacman"-esque tone that was so cool. I figured that he somehow must have stomped on the mouse when it was over the diode type in the drive block..**poof** a pacman tone! :jo

This is the sound I was trying for and I kinda' dig it. Certainly a fantastic patch for shredding and destroying :brick a perfectly good and lovely piano backing track!!! hahahaha


Lots and lots of notes, mostly in the right key, which is unusual for me these days! hahahah

Try to give it a listen, it is like glorious 80's shred tone with a freakin' piano in the background! hahaahahah :dude

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