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This is a complete setup I have used for the last Year. Works perfectly, the XL has been racked since out of the box. The six space rack is made by Odyssey. It is a padded bag that slips over a wooden, carpeted plywood box. It zips open on both ends. I have added a form fitted back panel for added protection that pops off for easy access to the rear of the rack. The Vafan panel has been added for easy hookup. You can plug in power, USB, L and R outs that are balanced and L and R outs that are unbalanced. There is also XLR out for a MFC MAC III.

There is a conditioner in one space for all the power hookups you will ever need. I'll include the power cord for the Vafan panel and an XLR cord.

For the guitar player who wants a fast setup, plug and play this is as well thought out as I can come up with. You can even play with it in the upright position which come in handy sometimes.:)

I am asking $1950

I will pay for shipping and PayPal.
I will only ship in the cont. USA

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