B.C. Rich B-38


Hi guys,

I ran across this guitar on the internet, and it looks amazing.. It looks like an Martin D-35 style dread but with some pretty nice woods...

I'm wondering what these are worth (worth buying?)
And how do they sound?

Can't find alot of things about these guitars except that they are pretty rare...

It's from the seventies by the way...

thanks alot!
Friend of mine had a Rich dreadnaught in the early seventies and it was a M.F.! It was the first brazilian rosewood I had ever seen and was absolutely gorgeous. $4000? Probably worth it!

Steve Hotra

Silver Supporting Member
I purchased a B 28 from Whittier Plaza music in the early 1970's. It was my 1st major purchase at $630.00.
A lot of money for a high school senior.
It has Brazillian Rosewood, spruce top and has amazing tone and sustain. Read somewhere that Bernie Rico Sr was going after the Martin guitar market. Just bought a BBE Acousticmax and the guitar has really come alive. I have mine insured for $3000.00

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