BA Audio Tri Dirty Booster


Anyone had a chance to put this one through it's paces?

I'm curious about it. I know it's supposed to be a clone of the Honer Tri Dirty Booster, which is supposed to be a clone of a triangle muff, though demos I've heard make it sound a bit like the old Maxon D&S.

Let me know what you think? How does it compare to your favorites, what other fuzzes / muffs does it resemble (in your opinion), is it noisy, etc.

Absent Ocean

Really good pedal. It struck me as being a little more focused than pretty much any Muff type pedal I've used and had a much wider usable sweep of the gain/fuzz knob. I tend to only like Muffy pedals all the way up but the TDB had good sounds pretty much the whole way from what I recall.

If you like big sounding fuzzy distortion stuff then I don't think you could go wrong with it. It's good for rhythm and lead and strikes a good middle ground between being brighter and more punchy than a Russian style Muff but not quite as intense as an IC Muff. I can't compare it to any other Triangle or Ram's Head ones though unfortunately.

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