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I just got my Duke Master from Japan, and wow... what a wonderful instrument it is! I must admit I have little experience with boutique and high end gear, so I can't compare it to any of that, but it fulfills all of my expectations to what a great instrument should feel and sound like, so I'm incredibly satisfied!
What's even better, is that it cost me (used) something in the area of 800-850$ (ie, less than an Epi with p90's here in Norway), shipping and taxes included.

Unfortunately, I haven't succeded in coercing a decent pic out of my crappy camera, but there is a pic of the model, along with specs, here:

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Bacchus makes my fave Japanese guitars. Big fan. They actually build Van Zandt, Moon etc. guitars too.


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Originally posted by -kk-
how much are they? the duke-box looks amazing!

Yeah, beautiful guitar. They also made an ES-335 copy that was absolutely stunning. As for prices, I got mine used and it didn't cost me much at all, but new they cost quite a bit more, naturally, although I wouldn't call them very expensive.

You can see some models here, so you get an idea of the price for a new Bacchus:

ikebe gakki

Don't know what's the deal with the dirt cheap ones, though, perhaps they're korean made or something.

I bought mine from this store, btw:

tc gakki


I too am a Bacchus addict (thanks, Matte!).

I own (in chronological order)
* Clapton Cut Explorer (explorer with the upper bout rounded out)
* Futura "Rick Nielsen" model (explorer w/ split headstock and narrower "waist")
* s-shape, maple fretboard in what should be fiesta red, but looks more like tangerine
* new entry: seafoamgreen s-shape w/ rosewood fretboard.

The thing with the s-shapes is that I purch'd the first one as a demo instrument for the Häussel pickups. To my big surprise the guittie sounded soo good with the original Bacchus puppies that I couldn't bring myself to mod it.
I have the feeling that the new one - due in from Japan any day now - will remain unmodded as well ;)

I missed a LP junior in TV white some time ago and am still kicking mysef silly for having let it go...

The japanese had purchased quite a quantity of excellent tone woods and were definitely on the road to kick some serious ass.



Ahh.. finally a mention of Bacchus!

Here's my custom-ordered Bacchus-made Van Zandt 'S'.

specs- 1 piece swamp ash body, thin nitro, tigerstriped flame D neck, BRW board, vintage trem, Sperzel tuners. Changed out the VZ pups to Suhr V60's and added the 'shell pickguard myself. Most resonant, punchy and sweet 'strat' i've ever played. :dude


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