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Back to it ... checking in from Portland



Picking and grinning again in Portland.

Was sidelined for years by injuries -- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from work, rotator cuff impingement from play. Then, life got in the way. Old story.

Discovered this forum in the process of rekindling my love for strumming and the need for noodling. thegearpage.net quickly proved to be a helpful resource for my musical reintegration. Figured I'd join up and say hi.

I'll confess to a lifelong affliction, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, from this and various other pursuits. Recently, I picked up a Fretlight FG-621 to help gain back my chops. A cool tool. Managed to catch a case of stompbox fever. Gah! Currently eyeballing a new amp, another Strat, my first Les Paul ...

In the meantime, I'm building up calluses on my fingers. (Ouch.) In my book, skill has always trumped hardware, and talent reigns supreme. But at least I have gear!



just checking up on other Portlanders. Hey Hey! Im even newer than you, Vcaster. Also, I like your list of players. Adam Jones AND Scofield. That makes perfect sense to me. :)

Also, we are both jumping back in after injuries. Good luck to you on that. I guess I started getting the itch again and then realized that, while I still can't work, I might as well put the time to good use! Im really glad I did.

What part of town are you in? Do you know of any jams I should check out?

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