Backing Track Fun with BluGuitar Amp 1 Rig and an MXL R80 Ribbon Mic

Discussion in 'Member Video and Sound Clips' started by rrhea, Apr 25, 2016.

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    I acquired a BluGuitar Amp 1 rig back in Dec (the Amp 1, the Remote 1 controller and the BluGuitar Nanocab). After hundreds of hours of really putting it through its paces I thought I'd do some recordings with it using the MXL R80 ribbon mic I bought the other day for $50 during Guitar Center's crazy deal of the day. The fusion clip is in two threads already, one dealing with the Amp 1 and the other with the MXL R80 mic. The blues clip was recorded just yesterday.

    I have to say that the MXL R80 mic has changed the way I record. I used to get so frustrated with SM57s that I would just run my main amp head (a Kingsley ToneBaron) straight to the DAW (my amp has variable line level out, post power section). From there I would just re-cab using VST plugins. But after getting this mic ($50 was an easy plunge to take) I have to say that miking up is now something I enjoy doing. It's hard to get a bad cab sound with this mic! Now I really want a Royer. ;)

    This clip is my Malmsteen Strat with stock pickups into a BluGuitar Amp 1 plugged into a BluGuitar Nanocab and miked up with the MXL R80. I used the bridge PU... a tone control is wired to the bridge and I have it rolled off to about 5, guitar volume is rolled back to about 7. I'm using a Visual Sound "Tube Screamer" copy, a Visual Sound H2O pedal with echo (analog delay) only engaged and I did some minimal EQ tweaking to sit the track in the mix (mostly just squashing everything above 10K and everything below 50). That's it!

    In this second clip I'm rockin' an '07 R9 Les Paul fitted with a Callaham ABR-1 bridge doing a quick improvised take over a G minor progression reminiscent of the style of the late, great Gary Moore. I played the clip with a WCR Godwood bridge PU with the tone control rolled back to 6 and the vol maxed, the BluGuitar Amp 1 using a Visual Sound echo pedal into the BluGuitar Nanocab. Recorded with an MXL R80 ribbon mic into Ableton Live 8 with EQ squashing everything above 10K and everything below 50.

    I don't sound anything like Gary in this clip (and wasn't trying to)... I just love this backing track. Lot's of fun to play over!



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