Bad Cat black Cat 30R (and a little Marshall 1959) demo

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  1. mary04

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Another vid just for fun. The Bad Cat Black Cat 30R is one fantastic amplifier. It delivers such a warm and 3 dimensional sound in a way it`s almost unreal. I throw in some clips using my Marshall jmp 1959 100 watter just for comparison reasons. I think you will here differences in both tonal character, clearness and warmth. The Bad Cat just delivers in spades. As always the Klon Centaur is much in use. Some of you might find this to be a bad thing, because you want to hear how the amp sound on its own. Fair enough, but to us using great pedals is just as natural as the amp itself. I`ve yet to hear a great sounding amplifier not sounding even greater with the engagement of a Klon Centaur.

    As always - play loud and enjoy!!


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