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Bad Cat Black Cat issue


First off, I don't own this amp but am considering buying it. Channel one, the three knob channel has very little volume and is crackly. Channel two sounds fantastic. The shop says it's a $75 fix but didn't actually know what's wrong, great right? Any idea what it sounds like? Is that the EL84 channel? Thinkyof taking some tubes with me and swapping them out to try. It's not the newest model with K master but I'm not sure the year.

Jeff Gehring

Gold Supporting Member
Yeah, try a new 12AX7 in channel 1 and see what that does for things. You'll be able to sub the entire preamp (one at a time) except for the EF86, which apparently isn't the problem (it's used for channel 2).


Silver Supporting Member
Since it's only one channel with issues I would agree it's probably not power tubes. Swap some pres in there. BUT if it's only a preamp tube I wonder why the shop is quoting you $75 fix?

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