Bad Cat Cub 2 - Reverb or non-reverb?


Really thinking about getting one of these (1x12)

Anyone tried the reverb vs non-reverb? Seems a bit price difference.

How's the reverb?

How's the tone of the thing with reverb off (i.e. does the addition of reverb affect the tone? I felt it did with the Classic Cat)

Talking about the current model cub without the focus / spectrum switch



The addition of the reverb will probably make a difference in the circuit no matter whether it's turned all the way down or not. I seem to recall most NR amps having a bit more headroom, although I'm not sure if that's even true outside of a Princeton/PR, and I'm definitely not sure it applies to the Cub II. Since I haven't played the NR version I can't really say. But, I can say that my Cub IIR continues to impress me every time I turn it on.

Cpt. Picard

I played one briefly, not enough to really tweak about with it, but to me, reverb is juat as important as any (every?) other tonal aspect of an amp.

Verb freak, and proud of it...

Not enough time to really dig into it, but wasn't muddy, very clear, but didn't have the bell-like resonance everyone associates with Fender. No annoying "spring wash".

I put it at a 7, with 1 being 80's Mesa reverb, and 10 being BF Twin reverb.


Fireball XL5

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I used to own a 1x12 Cub II Rev. and It was a great amp. Never played the non-reverb version, but I never felt like my amp was lacking in any way. I rarely used the reverb on mine, but I really enjoyed having it for some things.

My advise would be, if you're a player who likes reverb and will use it - then get the reverb model. It sounds great and having it far out weighs any slight tonal difference (if any) you may or may not perceive. If you're not a reverb guy and have no use for it - buy the Cub II sans reverb and save a few $$.

Something also to consider is that if you ever decide to sell, the 1x12 Cub II w/Reverb is generally more desirable and easier to sell.

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