Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 New vs Old


So I've seen that there is a newer model version and an older model version of the Hot Cat 30. I'm not sure what all of the differences are, but I think that the newer version sounds kinda crap. I've only seen one demo of the newer model, but I really didn't like the sound. The older version just seemed much better for some reason. Is it not as good now? Or did I just not hear a flattering demo?


Yeah, it was a poorly recorded demo. Lots of phasing from moving the camera mic around. The two amps are identical. Except we have added a master volume that can be switched out of the circuit in the clean channel. A five way tone selector like the hotcat 30 r is also in channel one. The original hotcat would be click #2. The gain side has a midrange control. The original hotcat is with the mid at 12:00. The is is switchable solo boost. The old an new hotcats are identical in every way except the noted features that were added.

I'll try to get a better recording up. All you hotcat owners out there, help me out .


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