Bad monkey before or after RAT/Ultimate Drive

Dear guitar experts. So right now I have a bad monkey, rat, and joyo ultimate drive as my gain pedals. What I want to do is use the bad monkey in a loop as a mid boost (with hair of gain). Should i place it after or before the rat/ultimate drive? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?


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I'd say try it both ways. But I suspect you'll end up with it before. It's a great as a boost into another drive or an already slightly cooking amp.

I use mine before four other drives,if you can believe that. It does this nicely nasty mid thing as a boost in front.
in my opinion, I would always put the Bad Monkey BEFORE another higher gain dirt pedal. it is a great stacking pedal to use for adding extra depth, and harmonic richness to another distortion pedal, as long as you don't have the gain set too high on the Bad Monkey (no more than 10 o'clock).
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before- i keep all my TS-style pedals there so it can boost the character of whatever other drive i'm using without taking it over.

BTW- TS-style into a Rat style sounds freakin' phenomenal

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