Sold Badcat FAT CAT - Badcat's version of Fender Bassman


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This likely has to be a local Bay Area California deal (located in San Francisco) since I don't have shipping boxes. Bought this new in early 2013 and has never left my smoke free home. Beautiful 6L6 cleans and one of the best 3 knob reverbs around with Bad Cat's build quality. The large heavy cab adds to the size of the sound.

Outright sale for $1800.

Trades are very specific and the reason I'm offering this amp. The Fat Cat set me down clean headroom path and so I'd love to trade for an ultra-linear Fender Twin Reverb or ultra-linear Fender Pro Reverb (late 70s silverface models). I'd also consider 2x12 cabs in order to plug my Reeves Custom 50 (notice the bias toward super clean). I would also consider Reeves heads (I currently own a Custom 50 and a Super 78). Other boutique amps based on the clean higher powered Fender cleans (I already have a Clark Beaufort Reverb). Out of left field, I'd consider a Henriksen Jazz Amp or other types of solid state jazz amps. +/- cash depending on the trades.

With the "clean" idea in mind, let me know what you have.



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