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Baja Tele - Compensated Saddles upgrade



This simple upgrade made a huge difference.
Glendale Brass compensated saddles on my Fender Baja Tele.

The guitar's intonation is near perfect.. One thing is now my tone is beefy!
.. Way brighter... had to turn down both my bass and treble controls on my DRRI.

Sean French

Silver Supporting Member
I tried the same Glendale saddles on my Baja. Slightly better intonation but, I took them off after a week. I preferred the tone of the stock saddles, which was rounder and beefier. On my guitar anyway.
The D string saddle screws only had one or two threads left after setting to my preferred string height. Which bothered me.
Plus the Glendale saddle screw are far thinner than the stock screws.
Looked like the stock screws set flush and had more mass contacting the bridge plate.
The Glendale screw were angled and not flush on the bridge plate.


Silver Supporting Member
There is also the option to mix and match steel and brass.
I prefer 3 barrel brass over 6 saddle and straight saddles are also ok.
I have had good experiences with Wilkinson and Callaham compensated saddles, too.


Silver Supporting Member
If you play 10's Wilkinson saddles intonate perfectly IME not to mention great bang for the buck.

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