Baja Tele neck on American Standard body?


I was considering the American standard Tele in the sonic blue with channel bound neck, but I wasn't crazy about it after seeing it in person. I did a Tele build a few years ago with the baja Tele maple neck and loved it

Does anyone know if the baja maple neck will fit on the American standard body? I can do that build for under $1000, which bears $1250 for the stock Tele that I'm not crazy about.


I'd be wary regarding your neck source. I bought a "new" Baja neck to fit onto my American Special Tele, and the neck was a terrible specimen,though unused, a second I'd gather, of the original 50's Baja neck, such as the one on my Baja Tele. The V was greatly more pronounced , making fret sprout filing an ongoing chore, and the girth was severely shaved off, though it was indeed a 50's Baja neck. Very disappointed, even after a complete fret leveling, crowning and shimming. I sold the Tele at a loss, all the more so due the American Tele having a mim neck, and in this case, unfortunately justified. My last purchase from Stratosphere.

So, though in theory it may sound like a good idea, it didn't turn out that way. I almost purchased a Robert Cray neck from the same company to replace my thin American Standard Strat neck, but recalling that Baja incident, changed my mind.

Buyer beware.