Sold Baker RF Master Built by mean gene himself!


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According to Gene, this is one of the last guitars he built before he was forced to shut down in 2003. It's an RF (Robben ford) model. This one features a chambered body, solid spruce top and upgraded pickups - Jim Wagner hand wound WCR godwood coil tapped . Unlike many of the custom shop FM fender models you see out there from time to time, this design is true to Robbens original preference of a spruce top. Fender made those as well (ultra SP model) , but in much fewer numbers. This guitar will achieve the same violin like tone we all love. Robben used this particular model in the early 2000's and is featured on his "keep on runnin" release.

I've owned all 4 Robben ford models- this one is my fave next to the original SP model.

$3K shipped and pay palled

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