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could anybody recommend a place online that does band back drop banners? Im looking to get one done for my band and would like one in a silk tapestry s it can be easily folded and stored with out worrying about creasing or cracking. I have one now that is mesh andits nice but I have to roll it and store it in a 6 foot tube so it wont crease or crack the paint on it. Id like one that is a silk tapestry. Thanks


Colonel of Truth
It depends on how big it's to be and how durable you want it. Personally, I'd have one embroidered so you could fold it (I know the hassle of the tube!) but unless it's wrinkle free, it can look a mess without a touch up with an iron. You don't want to be bringing an iron to a gig unless it's in your amp:band. You could have printed and mounted large format panels (matte laminated with frames for durability) that snap together or hang from a frame, but those are still bulky. Or you could take a hi def projection screen and project an image on it via laptop. That would be my choice and it's easily changed. None of these solutions fit all needs, of course.

The best approach is to call a company that does branding signage such as (no connection) and ask them for more suggestions. It's one avenue to explore. Good luck.

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