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Band dynamics amp help. Am I in the right mindset

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by sants, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. sants

    sants Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2009
    My main amp has been a DRRI with a Ibanez artist am205 with humbuckers.

    I play in 5 piece Indie/Jam band. 2 guitars, keys/hammond organ, bass, and a busy drummer (in a good way).

    Other guitar player plays a tele with humbuckers and uses a DRRI and plays with a darker tone. He is going to be getting a PRRI to use in small settings.

    Friends who are in bands have commented that we sound a little muddy at times. Example: guitars are hard to pick out and they are blending too much. We have started miking everything now and using the pa to help so I don't really need anything more than 15 watts. Our sound guys even faces the amps towards the wall or puts them off stage to cut down on the stage volume when possible. Everything comes through monitors. Hard to get used to but helps big time with overall volume. I think it is a little crazy but I don't feel like arguing over it. We are not that loud any how but some guys have hearing issues in the band.

    I bought a vintage princeton amp that turned out to be stolen and I had to give it to the police. It worked better in the mix at practice as it was a little brighter than my DRRI.

    This weekend I picked up a new AC15c1 in blue and it is much clearer and cuts through better from what I can tell. I haven't jammed with my band using it yet but I sat in with my buddies band and went from the DRRI to ac15 and you could definitely hear the ac15 more clearly.

    I bought the ac15 because it was bright and chimey and had some life that my DRRI didn't seem to have. I was shooting for the PRRI because of size but when I demoed one it sounded great but similar to DR but a little more sweet.

    I do not want to start another Ac15c1 vs DRRI vs PRRI thread.

    All I am asking is that does my logic makes sense for better band dynamics in going with the vox voice over the fender? Plus I already a fender but the size of pricenton is great. I really dig this vox!
  2. sacakl

    sacakl Silver Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2010
    Sacramento, CA
    Well, if you guys were both playing through DRRI's with humbuckers, I can see why you two could blend and sound muddy at times. Those and PRRI's seem to have the mids scooped whereas the Vox's I've owned have had great midrange, which is where I prefer to sit and cut through. Probably found this out yourself.

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