"band practice" or "rehearsal"

Do you call it "rehearsal" or "band practice"

  • rehearsal

  • band practice

  • I don't care, or I'm not in a band!

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When people are performing w/o an audience, that's normally known as a rehearsal.
People don't have "wedding practice".

I think "band practice" became popular in school, because that's what it was called when the school band got together for rehearsal.

Here's a question

When someone has a piece of equipment they need to use at a gig, do they bring it to a gig or take it to a gig?


On one hand, I don't really care what it's called, though I find rehearsal can seem pretentious. On the other hand, I've had to be that a*****e who kicked someone out of a band because they wouldn't practice outside of band time. Maybe if that distinction had been made clear it would have made a difference, though I doubt it.


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In our cover band:
Rehearsal=Honing the performance for a show.
Two of the four of us have to travel over an hour to our rehearsals. Everyone needs to know thier parts.


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Doesn't matter what you call it. Its the best part about being in a band. Have a few buddies over, drink a few pops, talk ****, tell dirty jokes and rock out way too loud with no inhibitions.
You can have friends over w/o being in a band.

It doesn't get used that often anymore, but when I read 'band practice' I think about the band-geeks chatting with one another on the school-bus ride home.
To be fair, I guess they should have been using rehearsal, as they did all the moves as well as the playing, if they were part of the marching band.

re: Band Geeks
Adult Band Camp is real!
Victor Wooten has a camp, as do many artists these days.


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we have always called it Practice and still do (even though we practice at home too)... I think Rehearsal for a bar gigs is snobbery :)


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We say "practice" or "jam". We mean "rehearsal", most often. It can also mean perfecting arrangements or writing new material.

Mickey Shane

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If your band is rehearsing, you are playing your sets exactly like you would if there was an audience there. Anything less is band practice. Someone saying "stop, cut, let's go over this ending again" means that you are at band practice.


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We always said we were going to practice, and I'll be damned if that's not what happened...more practicing, less rehearsing!

Honestly, if the band guys are good guys, they can improvise or roll with changes, and they have inherent talent, then I'm less concerned about whether they're staying on top of practicing on their own. I don't mind doing a little practicing together as a band in those instances.

The flip of this is I've played with 1 gig a year bands where no one works their instruments year round, they don't have the inherent, baked in talent to overcome that, and pretty much every rehearsal is 80% practice and 20% rehearsal and timing. It was kind of a pain in the ass and stressful (that we were going to suck) but good guys to hang with and the gig was a HOA outdoor thing so low key. In the end, everyone loved us.

In terms of weekend warrior, semi-pro projects, sometime you just have to go for it and not worry yourself to death. People will remember if you had a fun look on your face and not the clam in the middle measure of a solo...where you looked uptight. I've had to learn this over time. I typically need a Snickers bar...

Don A

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I don't care what you call it as long as everyone practices at home before showing up for rehearsal! Oh, wait! I guess I do care!

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