Bands or artists you inexplicably missed the first time around

S. F. Sorrow

Prime example for me is The Smiths. I have some vague recollection of hearing their music as part of a movie soundtrack, but otherwise, I didn't start listening to them until about two years ago. How on earth did that happen?

Unfortunately I dismissed The Smiths then because they looked like another UK Romo band (Spandau Ballet etc). Nothing against romo but had enough of it by the mid 80's.
Had no idea The Smiths were an anti-synth guitar band.


Are modern day hipsters into The Smiths? What does that mean for those of us who dug them the first time around, when they were active? Does that mean we were into them before it was cool to be into them? Or does it mean instead that we were premature Smiths adopters?
I would say Premature Smith Adopters would be accurate! lol If you caught on to them before the dirty beard, black rimmed eye glass frames, man bun dudes that go out of their way to tell everyone their vegan and vape (aka the douch flute) I would say that would be the accurate assessment! hahaha


The Beatles in 65. I saw the stones that year but I didn't go to the Beatles and have kicked myself every since.

But I do have Paul McCartney tickets for this coming Friday night. Just to be in the presence of royalty.


Timely thread for me and it's a big one, Led Zeppelin.

I own II and IV and outside of a few songs, never really bothered with them. The only song I ever learned was Whole Lotta Love when I was a teenager.

I don't even know how, but this week for some reason I got the itch to listen to them and found myself grabbing a bunch of their cds used from the local shop and a few more on iTunes.

It's kind of exciting to have so many years of music fall into my lap.

From the guy who admittedly despises covers, I was in the basement from 7-9 figuring out Stairway (cliche I know), Ramble On, D'Y Maker, No Quarter, and a few others. I was messing around with my ebow for All My Love, figuring out how to do the intro on guitar.

I don't think I have sat down and played like that since high school (I'm 37). Aside from the odd cover here or there for a band, I have spent the last 20 years focusing only on my own music.

My first guitar heroes were Eddie and Angus, so it's odd to dive into Page. I have to admit I felt like a kid starting out, learning this lick and that, listening to an iconic style I have pretty much ignored for 20 years.

I also can't believe the drumming. It's almost like my interest in Page is secondary to Bonham.


Almost everybody. I have to be the slowest dude out there
Same here. It takes a while ( years ) to really discover and enjoy most Anyone. It takes exposure from friends who already have had the busted up disc to catch on. My earliest "lateness" was Pink Floyd.


I was awash in VH at the time and missed The Talking Heads completely. All I knew about them was they had that funny bigsuit video.
Indeed. VH took a lot of attention away from a lot of people. I know it's a matter of opinion but a case could be made that Boston, Kansas, Foreigner, Styx, REO, to name a few, all saw shortened popularity when VH came to town.


The Eagles.

To me at first they sounded kind of phony and contrived.

Their vocals sounded put on...the way they sang with the same Jackson Browne accent and the way they formed their vowels, as if they were all holding thier mouths and lips the same way or something. Seemed calculated and insincere.

Then their Greatest Hits album came out in 1976 and I bought it.

Listened to it a lot for a while.

Decided that they were very talented...but also kind of phony and contrived.

And insincere. :D

I didn't like it when Fleetwood Mac became a pop band either.

I liked them better as a blues/rock band led by Peter Green.

But I changed my mind eventually and now I like both versions of Fleetwood Mac.

Still not crazy about the Eagles though.
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