Bands That Changed Drastically After Their First Album

Ben R8

Been listening to Kings of Leon in the car so wanted to start this thread;

Kings of Leon, "Youth Young Manhood":

I can't get my head around how a band or a solo artist for that matter, can change so much. Kings of Leon's first album was amazing, no filler songs, maybe one or two not that great but most of the album was fun, exciting, interesting. On their second album they were a completely different band, bland, uninteresting and their sound changed.

Oasis: Definitely Maybe:

Although Noel had written a lot of their songs even up to their third album before they recorded Definitely Maybe, it's their sound that changed. After their first, Oasis lost their rock 'n roll vibe, the songs were over produced, too long, too nice, too many tracks perhaps. Liam's singing changed after the second album and somewhat during. Sure, there's some great songs after DM but they sounded like a different band. The change in drummer after DM was interesting, Allan seemed like a much better option but they lost something.

Five Horizons

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It was after the fourth when they lost Peter, they sounded the same to me for the first four. Kirwan came in on the third album and perhaps changed a little then but their first four and especially the first two were very similar.
You’re right, I misread it as bands that changed their sound from the first record. They were definitely a blues outfit for the first several. What a contrast when they went with Nicks/Buckingham though!

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