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Bands you would love to see take a big step backwards and release an album like their first ones ?


Metallica is discounted from thread as so many long for early tallica instead of what they have released after the justice album. Another discounted band is van halen as van halen 1 is much too obvious.

I think Def Leppard put out some very tasty albums up to and including pyromania in 83, fat juicy guitar tones married to great melodies and just damned good songs. Then they completely went into a cesspit with album after album of schmaltzy and safe radio friendly garbage. Their bank balances have expanded hugely and well done to them, I would just love to see a new def leppard album with a pair of balls instead of the over produced and sterile rubbish they have released post pyromania.An album that screams play me loud, annoy your parents and feel the adrenaline rush as the years are rolled back.

Im 100% sure it will never happen, select a current act you would love to see a new release from that is just like their earliest material.


Silver Supporting Member
I don't see it as going backwards. I see it as the supply of material. A band may have been working for a few years to get the tunes for the first album. Then you need more in six months.

I was acquainted with the original Outlaws down in Tampa. We played the same bars, etc.

The entire first album and most of the second were set staples for them for a couple years before breaking out.

Not saying they didnt approach the original quality with later material, other things like personel changes, but overall hard to top the first batch you have been playing for a while.


Silver Supporting Member
Unfortunately the band that comes to my mind cannot go backwards due to loss of key members. They will never have that "sound" again.


Gold Supporting Member
I wished they last Sabbath album was a raw and visceral as the first. Instead it sounded as over produced as every other metal band today

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