Sold Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk Set, Elek-Trix Blender Solderless Harness


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Paypal'd and shipped via USPS with tracking obviously. No Trades. I'm trying to buy a Plexi.

Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk Set. Parchment Covers, RWRP, New, Unused with strings, picks and swag. $SOLD
View media item 23524Elek-Trix deluxe blender strat harness. Choice of Blender or Classic Setup, Configure any cap value, pot value any wiring configuration, treble bleed. anything. oak grisby switch switchcraft jack, bourns pots. used for a few months and I went to a traditional harness once i found what wiring I liked best. Amazing Product! $SOLD
View media item 23525
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