Sold Bare Knuckle Mule/Blackdog set Aged Nickel covers: PRICE DROP


I have a finicky LP that I've gone through many good sets of pickups trying to find the correct set. I have a bright guitar. The Mule in the neck position was better than most. It has two conductor braided lead 10" or so, measures 7.3k, long legs, AlNiCo IV. It gives you what you have played clean and handles od very well. The Blackdog bridge has the same braided 2 conductor lead but shorter than the neck. Plenty long enough to wire an LP, 9.0k and AlNiCo V. Have original boxes and warranty card, no mounting screws or springs, but aged nickel covers look great, factory done. If my guitar wasn't so bright these would be in it right now. $195 PRICE DROP!! $185 PP'd & shipped to the lower 48. SALE PENDING!
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