Basic connection question - computer, monitors, helix


self admitted technical moron here.

I’m starting from scratch in the digital world and am going to get a stomp for a versatile practice setup and if I love it, I’ll start using it into FOH, but for now, just at home.

I was going to hook the HX stomp directly to a pair of studio monitors but it seems like I should hook my computer to the monitors as well. It seems silly to have two sets of speakers on my desk. What is the easiest piece of gear that I need to get the helix and the computer working with the monitors? Any basic interface?

I don’t have any desire to record.


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but it seems like I should hook my computer to the monitors as well

If you use the HX Stomp as sound interface for your pc, you will hear the backing tracks played by your pc through the HX Stomp, so you just have to connect your monitors to the HX Stomp.
Obviously when you don't use the HX Stomp, well you'll have to connect the monitors to the pc directly (using its simple headphones output or using another sound interface)


So the easiest answer is a USB cable from computer to stomp. Main outs from stomp to monitors.

As Lele says you want that connection anyway for HX Edit.

But the downside is that you always have to switch on the stomp to get sound.

If you want sound with stomp disconnected then it depends on the connections on the monitors. If there are two you may be able to connect an audio interface or simply headphone out as well. But that might introduce an earth loop resulting in unbearable noise which isn’t necessarily 50hz hum.

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