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Hi folks,

This question is not really modeling specific, but I'm looking at how to solve it through modellers:

When I strum hard on an acoustic with a nice thick pick (like an accent strum), I get a thuck sound, and slightly higher volume. The strings are absolutely vibrating like crazy, but the volume is for some reason not excessively loud. Its really a different quality. It sounds great.

If any of you guys have an acoustic, try to give it some juice in a strumming pattern and let me know what happens.

On my electric, through a modeling amp, when I do the same thing, the sound is much louder (than the regular strum), and also very trebly and harsh. I dont like to use a compressor when I play electric, so I've taken to changing my strumming technique. I would love to be able to get that acoustic "thud" instead.

Any other strummers here, doing their cowboy chords on clean setting on an electric? I'm loathe to add a compressor (digtially...using my HD500) since I love the tone/dynamics otherwise and dont want to lose that. Ideally, I would use my acoustic through my HD500, but I need to play lead also.


The gain structure on your amp settings may be the culprit...if it's close to breaking up when you dig in it mat be pushing it over the edge....

You'll never get the same vibe as you are getting from your acoustic though...


Assuming the input isn't clipping, maybe consider making a preset for the heavy strumming that dials back the levels or have a preset with a clean boost that you can turn on/off, boost off for strumming, boost on for lighter picking?

I don't have the HD, but I have / had several other modelers, and for example my Nova System and G-System: I have to manage (or adjust) the input and output levels


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You might want to lower your pickups, but in general, electrics require a lighter touch than acoustics.


The top of an acoustic guitar can only transmit so much energy to the air. Effectively, hard strumming will overdrive the top, resulting in a natural compression. You may have to use some compression if you're doing the same kind of strumming on an electric and want it to respond similarly. In fact, I'd suggest using an analog compressor before the modeler - "trebly and harsh" could indicate that you're getting some clipping at the modeler's input. You can turn it off when you're not strumming so hard.

You could also try a piezo pickup system like a Fishman powerbridge, but that's a whole 'nother ball of wax.

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