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I have an old Lotus L760 neck-through bass that I'm wrestling with. Small washers under the truss rod nut got the neck very straight, and the nut is slotted right. But the action is still crazy high. I sourced this bridge on eBay, assuming it was the original stock. It dropped in fine. But the chunky saddles are a good 3/8 inch thick and even fully lowered don't allow for reasonable action. Do you think there were different thicknesses of these saddles back in the early 80s? Again, it's neck-through, so no shimming possible here. I could recess the bridge, but I'm hoping there's another answer.


Looks like a problem for sure. So you are saying with the height adjustment all the way down it's still too high right? The only possibility I see is to have some custom bridge saddles.... or maybe even ones from a different bridge that are thinner would help. (same string spacing though) But how much do you need to come down?
You could get a piece of Brass round stock from the hardware store, Cut it to the length you need. file/grind it flat on the bottom to rest flat on the bridge plate, grind the fretboard radius on the top and notch it for each string! etc
Maybe sinking it is easier if you are good woodworker.
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